Last week, we dove headfirst into a new series titled Summertime Reset that focuses on resetting the daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly grind that we have experienced over the past 15 months.

Our time last week focused specifically on emptying the backpack of our lives, weighing us down.

How did you do with that last week? Were you able to empty your backpack some? If not, no worries.

This week, we follow a similar thread as last week as we anchor to a verse in Psalms. The book of Psalms is refreshing and restorative. There are 150 chapters in the book of the Bible.

If you are not familiar with the Bible or it’s been a while since you cracked one open, you can find the book of Psalms almost directly in the middle of the Bible.

As I have shared in the past, I have been traveling and going on mission trips since I was seventeen years old. I have been blessed to see many parts of the world and experience the diversity this world offers.

These days, I stick a little closer to home – Mexico is currently where I spend about one week per year with my church as we build homes for those in poverty and sharing the life-changing message of Christ.

I have a front-row seat to these exciting trips as I get to write and take pictures of the progress of the homes every day.

However, before there was Mexico, there was Russia.

In our world today, Russia seems like a bad word. The truth is, nations will war, and words will be exchanged, and that is usually done from a political point of view.

In 2011, I traveled to Russia twice in the same year. During our summer trip, I found myself aboard the Jolly Jump inflatable slide with Lisa, one of our interpreters.

girl pondering her thoughts
Photo by Dave Anthold (2011) – Pskov, Russia

The Jolly Jump was positioned in the courtyard area of several apartment buildings we were conducting ministry in and around. When you set up one of these up, the word spreads like wildfire, and suddenly kids come out of the woodwork to play.

Mothers, grandmothers, fathers, and kids of all ages come to visit or chat or watch from a third-floor apartment window.

During our ministry time, I was tasked with “capturing the moments” that were then passed on to donors back home when we could connect at an Internet cafe. Those were the days…

As we sat on the Jolly Jump and watched over the safety of kids laughing, playing, and sliding with glee, I looked over at her and snapped a photograph that now hangs in my home office.

The picture perfectly captured a moment where she was “lost in thought” and begged the question – what is troubling you?

Today’s scripture comforts our weary souls when we need it most. The psalmist says,

“Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.'” — Psalms 55:22

You might feel like life’s plates are spinning faster and faster, and you might be feeling more overwhelmed with each passing day.

The good news is God will sustain you, He said right in this scripture. As the world returns to a “new version of normal,” you might think, when do I get a break?

You might be shouting; I need a break.

God is gently whispering back…”Cast your cares on me.” This scripture is music to our weary souls.

He invites us to stop, breathe, rest awhile and cast our cares and burdens on Him.

When you travel out of the country or on a mission trip, it can be tiring, weary, stressful, and rewarding. It is a good example of life.

Perhaps, just as Lisa pondered a “soul” question, we might be pondering the same question.

You might be asking, “where can I get some relief? How can I take a few minutes to myself?”

Our souls are the most precious thing the Lord has given to us. Our souls are who we are. When we are troubled, our soul needs refreshment and restoration.

It needs a reset.


p>I want to challenge you this week. Take a few minutes today or this week to stop, breathe, and rest for a while.

Let the quietness and the stillness of the moment wash over you. Let it bring you a sense of relief.

Allow the spirit of the Lord to wash over your weary soul, and allow Him to guide you during this season of life.

He loves and cares for you. He invites us to pull up a chair and experience rest with Him. When it's time to get along with our day, leave your burdens with Him.

I know this is easier said than done, but I will be working throughout the day to leave my burdens with Him just as I am challenging you to do the same.

He calls to us and says, join me for a moment and rest awhile. Leave your cares and worries with Me.

Let the words of Psalm 55:22 reset your day and week,

“Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.'”


Lord, thanks for the promise to cast our burdens and worries on You. Please help us to leave them at your feet and sustain us throughout the day and week. Thank you for loving and caring for us. Amen!

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