The pandemic of 2020 has changed the lives of millions across the globe. As a small group leader at my church, I saw the pain the group was experiencing.

I wanted to encourage their hearts, so I began writing daily devotions. What I found is that it encouraged and nourished my soul just as much.

These devotionals formed the basis of Rocking Chair Devotions.

Why a Rocking Chair?

A rocking chair invites someone to stop and rest for a while. The gentle rocking provides a moment of respite from a hurried life.

When we slow down long enough to reflect and relax, our bodies and souls find time to think, dream, and restore.

Podcast Format

This weekly devotional will help you jumpstart your week, encourage you, and nourish your soul.

Whether you are a believer or someone trying to make sense of our tough world, I want you to know you are welcome here.

Each week, I will share a verse or two from the Bible along with practical advice for applying it to your everyday.

Thanks for listening, pull up a chair, and rest awhile.

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Hi, I'm Dave Anthold. I am a small group leader, short-term missionary, and visual storyteller. You can read my story here.

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