I have realized that life doesn’t always go as planned. For example, today’s podcast was supposed to be for Valentine’s Day, but through some craziness, I did not get it up.

Have you ever had one of those days?

That was me last Sunday. Here’s how it all began…

We spent the afternoon and late evening at Disneyland and arrived at our hotel close to the airport for our early Sunday morning flight back to DC. We left the hotel on time and proceeded to drop the rental car off.

As we entered the terminal, I realized I had left my phone in the rental car, where the spiral started. I got my phone (thankfully), but we missed our flight which means we missed our connection which means we would not be home when we planned.

We could get on another flight with mechanical issues, which turned into getting off the plane fast, so the tickets for the third flight we had on hold could be released.

After this craziness, we finally got to rest for a while and then returned to DC around 10 pm; our bags were waiting for us, then drove home for two hours.

Thus…today’s podcast was last week’s with some special commentary, but the message is still relevant.

Love is universal. Christ came to love each of us with our flaws, forgetfulness, struggles, and triumphs.

Valentine’s Day may be behind us, but the true message of the Gospel, Christ, and His redemptive love for us is ahead. In a few short weeks, we will celebrate Easter…a perfect example of Christ’s love for us.

And now…no greater love…

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

What does love look like for you? For some of you, love is a scary thing. Maybe you have been looking for love in all the wrong places. Maybe you are still looking for the love of your life.

As you all know, my life changed last year when I met the love of my life, Abi. What a year it has been…

What Is Your Love Story?

Over the past several years, I have understood the different love stories surrounding me. My story involved ghosting for two years on Facebook.

My parents have enjoyed 54 years of marriage, and this past week, someone congratulated them after hearing my dad tell my mom I love you before going to an appointment.

This past year, my brother got married, and they have been enjoying life together.

Some of our friends have been married for a staggering 65+ years…I wonder what that is like.

I joke with my wife all the time if we want to make it to 50 years, I will have to live to be 97 years old. Yikes!

Love Stories of the Bible

A few great love stories in the Bible come to mind. Let’s look at a couple:

  • Boaz & Ruth – they meant under the crazy of circumstances. Boaz was the kinsman redeemer for her family. Ruth left her homeland and traveled with her mother-in-law Naomi back to her town, and God led her to Boaz. Who comes from the lineage of Boaz & Ruth? King David and Jesus.
  • Jacob & Rachel – Jacob had four wives, but the one he loved the most was Rachel. The twelve tribes of Israel come from Jacob’s family, but his true love was Rachel, whom he worked for 14 years to marry. She gave him two sons – Joseph (who would save the people of Israel by paving the way in Egypt for them) and Benjamin (whose tribe produced the first king of Israel).

There are other love stories in the Bible, but these two stick out for me as showcasing God’s love through the ages.

No Greater Love

When Jesus came into the world, He represented the new covenant or the new love that would transform the world for all to see.

He modeled love for us and showed us a better way to love others. He said,

“No greater love than this that one lay down his life for others.”

In today’s crazy world, most seek selfish love or what can you do for me, love, but Jesus modeled something different.

He told us to love our neighbors and love our enemies…that was counterculture during the time He said it, and it is counterculture today.

What if we loved our neighbors and loved our enemies – could the world be a better place?

I’m pretty sure it could be.

Encouragement and Challenge

I want to encourage and challenge you this week; when you feel like the world is getting crazy and a situation emerges that tests Jesus’ command to love our enemies or neighbors…take a breath.

Rest in the presence of Jesus, and let his love wash over you. If you think my life is all peaches and cream, let me tell you that I was tested this week.

There were work challenges, my mother-in-law went to the hospital, and we almost lost her; I left my phone in the rental car, missed our flight, then changed flights twice before finally getting on our flight to head home.

Tested…absolutely. How did I do? Sometimes I lost sight of Jesus when the storms were overwhelming.

This week, extend more grace to yourselves and others so you can love those around you.


Lord, thank you for your blessings which are new every day. Thank you to the heroes of the faith who modeled love for us, and please help us to keep our eyes on you when the storms of life overwhelm us. Thank you for your love and grace. Amen!

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