Today, we kick off a brand new series titled Crossroads. Over the past two years, our world has been stunned and shaken by the pandemic. Our lives have been twisted and contorted in all kinds of ways that have led us to decision moments.

For some listeners, you have been impacted directly by the virus or other hardships. You might have lost loved ones, colleagues, or friends. You might have been thinking that life was okay, and nothing major happened, and then you get a call or read a Facebook or Instagram post sharing someone’s loss, and your world comes to a grinding halt.

For other listeners, you might be on the periphery of these moments. You might be watching from a distance and wondering how you can help someone who is going through hard times.

This series is an answer to my own journey of direct impact by the virus or hardships and my periphery moments of asking how I can help someone.


When I think about crossroads, an image of a four-way dirt intersection or a fork in the road comes to mind. I have many options I can choose, and each one may be right for the moment, but how do I know which is the right one for this moment in my life.

The good news is that there is a guide to help us make these decisions. We have the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.

You might be wondering, that’s great, Dave, if you are a believer in Jesus, but I’m not there on my spiritual journey, and I don’t believe; where do I get help for my questions?

Let me ask you…what are your questions? What answers do you seek?

Whether you are a believer in Christ or someone who is still wandering or searching on their spiritual journey, you have more in common with each other at times than you realize.


All over the world, believers in Christ gather together on Sundays to worship together, hear sermons, be challenged by the Word of God, fellowship, and ask God to do big things in their lives; however, what happens the other six days of the week?

What happens when you go to church on Sunday, and you ask for a relative or friend to be healed, and they pass away on Monday? What do you say to them and to God?

What happens when you ask God to provide for you, and you are greeted with a layoff notice, or your life turns upside down, and you don’t know where your next meal is coming from? How do you help someone through this time or what do you say to God?

What happens when you experience the pain of betrayal in your life? This pain could be at work, in your family, in your marriage, or in the Church. How do I respond, and what do I say to God?

I want us all to see that our lives are not that different after all. Each of us experiences pain, suffering, stress, anxiety, and uncertain circumstances, and the list continues. This happens to believers of Christ and those still searching for Christ.

However, the difference is in our response to these events.

The Cross

This month, we celebrate Easter. We celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the grave, but before Christ could rise for you and me, He walked among us.

During His earthly ministry,

  • He experienced temptations
  • He was questioned constantly by the religious leaders
  • He healed many people
  • He performed many miracles
  • He met the spiritual needs of people through their physical needs
  • He experienced betrayal

Ultimately, Jesus went to the cross for you and me, but we often ask if hope died on that Friday or what was so good about Good Friday?

In order to get to Sunday, we have to go through Friday because without Friday, there is no need for Sunday and the power of His resurrection.

To The Weary Traveler

You might have arrived at this podcast as a weary traveler, and I want you to be encouraged; you are among rested and weary travelers.

Rarely is life a straight road with no peaks or valleys, or curves in the road? The road you find yourself on today could change tomorrow, and you could go from joy and fulfillment to heartbreak or vice versa.

The Lord said,

“Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest”

Do you need rest right now? Are you carrying the weight and burdens of your family? Are you trapped on an endless Merry-Go-Around, and you don’t know how to get off?

Then this series is for you. More than anything this Easter season, I want you to find rest, restoration, hope, joy, and the power of laying your burdens at the foot of the cross.

Meet Me At The Crossroads

This month, I want to encourage you to meet me here at the crossroads. These crossroads are a place where you can see the power of the Lord working throughout history and in your life.

Just as when you go for a hike, you meet fellow travelers and share your stories, I want this Crossroads series to be a place where you find hope, healing, and soul restoration. Along the way, I hope you encounter others on life’s journey in your communities that could benefit from your stories of what God is doing in your life.

And ultimately, if you don’t know Jesus, I hope you encounter Him in a real and tangible way through this series. The Lord has not forgotten you. He is pursuing you and knocking on the door of your heart because He wants to come into your life and dwell in you forever.

Will you join me at the Crossroads this month? I can’t wait to see what God will do through this series and in your life.


Lord, thank you for sending your Son to die on the cross so that we can live. I ask you to meet each one of us at our crossroads and show us your power and grace in our lives. Thank you for being the God of yesterday, today, and forever. Amen!

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