When you think of journaling, what comes to mind?

Journaling has evolved over the years. The creator of The Five Minute Journal has been journaling since he was fourteen or fifteen years old.

The days of the diary still exist but in different forms. Developing a journaling habit must be intentional. Over the years, I have had several journals. Most of my journals have centered around travel.

As I have grown in my understanding of journaling, I still appreciate the beauty of a handwritten journal; however, I now use tools that fit my digital workflow.

Journals help us …

  • Process our thoughts and emotions
  • Connect our mind and heart
  • Lead to “aha” moments on a subject
  • Create an environment of growth
  • Show our progress

As leaders, we can benefit from developing a journaling habit. A leadership journal may include:

  • Our personal and corporate vision statements
  • Goals
  • Development strategies for our team and ourselves
  • Our successes and failures
  • New inventions

Five Tools To Help You Journal

  • Day One (Mac/iOS) – this is my go-to journal. I have been using this journal app for several years and have amassed over 650 entries. I use it to collect sermon notes, capture my daily journaling and prayer thoughts. I use the iPhone app to give me a more intimate perspective, especially as I pray through the events of the morning and for the day. I tend to write out my prayers as it focuses on what God wants me to hear. You can use Day One to capture photos from the day or any information.
  • The Five Minute Journal – a simple journal format that walks you through five areas of your day. It is a beautifully designed journal in hardback canvas that invites you to write in it. It is a guided journal, so you don’t have to stare at a blank page. These daily prompts guide you through morning and evening routines, and it takes no more than five minutes.
  • Full Focus Planner – Each year, I set goals, and the Full Focus Planner is one tool for helping me achieve my annual goals. As part of my morning routine, I review a simplified goal sheet. My daily goal review prompts my thoughts for using one of the other tools like Day One to capture my thoughts around my goal progress.
  • Ulysses (Mac/iOS) – Ulysses supports my writing activities – long and short form. Many of my writings include journal entries that end up becoming blog posts. Ulysses is available on all my digital devices and syncs via iCloud to keep me up-to-date. I can collect research or use the tool to capture my thoughts – it’s that flexible.
  • YouVersion – this is the foundation of my journaling behavior. I work through a series of short Bible plans as part of my daily quiet time and then send interesting snippets or verses to DayOne for exploring further. Beginning each morning in this tool helps prepare me for the day ahead.

Journaling can unlock a masterpiece or provide a window to your soul. I encourage you to try it for five days and see how you feel.

Do you practice journaling? If not, will you give it a try for five days?

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