In 1994, I had the chance to tour with the U.K Continental Singers. The previous year, I had toured with the U.S.-based group, and Arnie was our Assistant Director, and Mia was another team member. Over the following year, we became good friends, and when Arnie landed the Director position, we joined him on the trip.

During my tour with the U.S.-based group, I was the sound engineer for the group. This time, I left the faders to someone else and dawned many different hats in the production of The Dreamer, a story of Joseph from the Bible.

This picture was taken in the living room of the last day that the three of us were together in Liverpool, U.K., before Arnie and I boarded a train to London. This was the first time that I traveled overseas by myself – I was 18 years old. This trip changed my life in so many ways. I saw many European countries, but more importantly, I made several good friends.

Time has passed, and we have gone our separate ways, but the memories of travel, missions, and friendship remain in my heart forever.


Hi, I'm Dave Anthold. I am a small group leader, short-term missionary, and visual storyteller. You can read my story here.

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