This week on the podcast, we shared the importance of developing a Bible reading habit.

Just as our physical muscles need strength exercises to build muscle, our spiritual muscles need to exercise as well. Reading the Bible is just one of the spiritual disciplines that help our spiritual lives grow strong.

If you have not developed a Bible reading habit, you can begin today by doing these three important things:

  1. Download a Bible App, Pull Your Bible Off the Shelf or Buy One – if you own a Bible, now is the perfect time to take it off the shelf and crack it open. If you don’t have one, you have a couple of options. You can download a Bible app from your favorite App Store. I recommend the YouVersion Bible App. If you prefer a physical Bible, I recommend the Fresh Start Bible from Gateway Publishing. It uses the New Living Translation version, a simple, easy to understand version of Scripture with ways to integrate Scripture into your everyday life. You can pick it up from Amazon or Gateway Publishing.
  1. Find a Bible Reading Plan to Help Guide You In Your Habit Development – it’s hard starting something new, whether it be exercising, writing, or reading the Bible. A Bible reading plan can guide you through a short devotional and the scripture associated with the devotional. It’s okay to start small! Schedule 10 or 15 minutes on your calendar every day or every other to start the discipline of reading your Bible. You can find devotional plans at
  1. Get an Accountability Partner – we have gym buddies to hold us accountable for losing weight and exercise, and we can have Bible accountable buddies as well. You can select a Bible plan together and do it at the same time. It will be good for your soul and give you something to discuss.

I hope these three things were helpful to you. We all start where we are, and you can strengthen your spiritual muscles by developing your Bible reading habit.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know how your Bible reading habit is going or share the plan you are going through. I will go first and drop it in the comment section.

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